OSCP Journey – Sixth Week

Date: 05 August – 11 August 2018
PDF: 380/380
Videos: 149/149
Exercises: 42/42
Exploited Machines: 53
(Alice, Alpha, Barry, Beta, Bethany, Bob, Brett, Carol, Carrie, Core, Cory, DJ, Dotty, FC4, Gamma, Gh0st, Helpdesk, Hotline, Humble, Internal, JD, Jack, James, Jeff, Joe, John, Kevin, Kraken, Leftturn, Luigi, Mail, Mario, Master, Mike, Niky, Nina, Observer, Oracle, Pain, Payday, Pedro, Phoenix, Pi, Punchout, Ralph, Sean, Sherlock, Slave, Sufferance, Susie, Timeclock, Tophat, Tricia)

Unlocked Networks: 4 of 4
(Public, IT, Development and Admin)

Nothing much to be updated, I did several things this week:

I feel ready and excited for the upcoming exam. Hope there are no issues happen during the exam such as connectivity, electricity, etc. I did prepare a backup plan in case those things happen.

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